Only for this night, Kitanozaka will be lined with special small eating- and drinking-places, in addition to shops providing great amusement.
Salon de Lou Salomé, for the first time, is participating in the festival this year, at the lovely front path to Demain Building.
Won’t you drop by and toast a good harvest?
Our accordionist to play live for the night will add to the pleasant atmosphere.

Time: November 1, Saturday
Place: 1-7-11 Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe

In case of rain, the venue will be changed to inside the INDIA CLUB.

Salon de Lou Salomé will be serving the one-night “mixed plate” for the festival.
Please choose three small-dishes on your plate from the following menu.
¥500 for one plate.


Two types of cheese

Salami and cornichon(pickled small cucumbers)

Olive bread specially made by Ca Marche(sought-after bakery in Kitano)

Two canapés

Canard boiled in vinegar

Octopus Carpaccio

Salmon in Japanese sweet and peppery vegetable sauce

Potatoes fried in olive oil

Pumpkin pudding

Drinks are also offered at
¥500 for a glass of white wine
¥500 for a glass of red wine
¥200 for a glass of juice